The Monkey of Anarkey is a gang of monkey bikers determined to get revenge after centuries of abuse.
The story took root after the death of Harambe at an Ohio zoo in 2016. This tragedy is the genesis of the project.

The Monkey of Anarchey universe, inspired by a famous TV series we love (I’m sure you can guess), will give you access to a unique collection of 1999 NFT monkeys darker and more badass than ever.

Each NFT will be unique and will be composed of different elements that will make your NFT belong to a category: different backgrounds, clothes, weapons, facial expressions, eye color, masks, fur color etc…
So if you followed well, you understood that our monkeys are differentiated to belong to different categories. Each one with its own perks.


With our monkeys and Chapters settled, it’s time to hit the roads with some awesome motorcycles.
This collection will have a supply of 799 NFTs total, with 4 awesome base models as motorcycles that are very well know in the MC community.
All 4 very different from each other.
1 of the 4 motorcycles specially and only for Sicario’s, because they do the dirt work in the MC clubs and need a fast bike for this.
One of the base model motorcycles is very special, it’s the Captain American Chopper from the movie “Easy Rider”.

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